Ten most common Pitfalls of buying a “For Sale by Owner” home

As a Realtor, I have assisted my clients in purchasing a home directly from the seller. When I look at the real estate transactions that have been the most problematic, an overwhelming majority involved a seller without a Realtor. I wanted to provide some of the most common problems I have experienced with For Sale by owners (FSBOs).

10. FSBOs don’t play by the rules or simply don’t know the rules.
9.   FSBOs do not provide correct information regarding the home.
8.   FSBOs do not provide easy access to view the property.
7.   FSBOs do not give you space when you are viewing the home.
6.   FSBOs tend to over price the home because they do not have access accurate home sales information.
5.   FSBOs do not understand the real estate contract.
4.   FSBOs are not held accountable if they misrepresent material facts.
3.   FSBOs do not handle repairs items from the home inspection report.
2.   FSBOs try to save on Realtor fees for their benefit, not the buyers.
1.   FSBOs do not leave the home as clean for the buyer.

Wilson Crow is a top selling Realtor for RE/MAX Capital Realty in Raleigh, NC. With over ten years of real estate experience, he has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers through the home buying or selling process. He specializes in the “Inside the Beltline” properties as well as the greater Raleigh Area. To view more information about Wilson Crow, visit www.wilsoncrow.com