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Tip 4 History of Property

Search the History of Homes for Sale in Raleigh, NC

Let’s be honest, we all like to know a little ‘more’ about something or someone…  So, if you are single looking to mingle, I can’t tell you how many unsuccessful dates somebody has been on in the last 60 days.  BUT, what if I told you I could tell you how many price drops a seller has done?  Maybe you can start to sniff out a little desperation out of a seller…

Here is how to do it:

  • Once you find a property and you are looking at all the details, scroll down and look under the “About this Property” section
  • Make sure you have the “Details” tab active.  There you have it, you can see “Days on Market” and “Listing Price History”
  • That is it!








This tool tends to work better when a home has been on the market for awhile.  This tends to be beneficial for investors looking for properties that may be ripe for a lower offer.