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Homes for Sale in Five Points, Raleigh, NC

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About Five Points

Five Points is located in Raleigh, NC and is noted for charming bungalow homes on streets that are lined with mature oak trees, walk-able streets and parks, and boutique shops.  In line with the 1920s movement for a simple and efficient lifestyle, the bungalow style homes in the Five Points feature deep front porches, overhanging roof lines, stocky molding, and nine foot ceiling height.

With Five Points being a desirable area to live in, many houses for sale in Five Points have been restored or rebuilt over the last 20 years to create an even more diverse blend of homes.  While the size and style of homes have changed over the years, residents have been sensitive in keeping the older and charming character of the neighborhood.

Homes in Five Points:

  • Range from 900-3,000 sq. ft
  • Lot sizes are .14-.35 acres
  • Price range from $250,000-$700,000

Map of Five Points in Raleigh, NC

Geographically, the Five Points neighborhood in Raleigh, NC is a very small area. However, when people say “Five Points”, they are referring to several neighborhoods that surround the “Five Points” intersection. The Five Points intersection is formed where Glenwood Avenue meets Fairview Road and Whitaker Mill Road.

To view a zoomed out map, visit Five Points Map.

Five Points Features

  • Walk-able Streets
  • Restaurants, bars and boutique shops all within walking distance
  • Neighborhood elementary school
  • Multiple parks
  • Mature landscaping with oak and myrtle trees
  • Pleasant blend of home styles with “no two homes” looking exactly alike
  • Many neighborhood gatherings
  • Active Citizens Advisory Council

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