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What is your Home or Condo worth in Raleigh, NC?

Determining the value of your home

A homeowner who lives Inside the Beltline or in the Greater Raleigh area should consult with an experienced Realtor to assist them in valuing their home. A Realtor uses the Sales Comparison Approach method to estimate a home’s value. Simply put, Realtors estimate the value of your home based on the homes that have sold around your home. This means that your Realtor should be familiar with your neighborhood and the homes that have recently sold around your home. In addition, your Realtor should be skilled in recognizing the differences between your home and the other sales and accurately calculating a value for those differences. This skill is often times an art rather a science.

Determining the list price of your home

The difference between the “value” of a home and “list price” may seem confusing. Occasionally, a home will sell for list price, but most times we see a home sell for a different price. Therefore, a Realtor must factor in other variables when pricing a home for the “market”. As mentioned above, a Realtor will use a Sales Comparison Approach to determine what a home is reasonably worth. Yet, when a homeowner considers listing their home, they should expect the Realtor to know other key indicators that influence the home’s list price. For instance, where the market is heading and how long has it taken other homes to sell and how many other similar homes are on the market, etc. Finally, the Realtor compiles this information and then properly interprets it to recommend an appropriate list price.

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