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Home Valuation Pricing Model

How does this Home Value Estimation tool compare with Zillow?

While I understand that homeowners may choose Zillow because it reports a house value instantly and does not require an email, I have found that it does not accurately estimate home values in Raleigh, NC.  After much research, I have chosen to endorse Realist® from CoreLogic® over Zillow’s method.

I am proud to bring to you Realist® from CoreLogic® for FREE.  This company is the leading provider of in-depth real estate market research of house values in Raleigh, NC.  This software is integrated in the Triangle’s MLS and can only be accessed by Realtors who subscribe to the MLS.  I have found their estimations, analysis and trends to be second to none in our industry.  Give it a try!

To receive a FREE report of your home valuation in the greater Raleigh area, visit price my home.