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Tip 3 Miles from Location

Search Homes in Greater Raleigh, NC by “Miles from a Location”

Often times, we want to live near a specific location.  Whether we want a short commute to work or want to live in a walkable neighborhood.  Wouldn’t it be cool to create a search within a certain number of miles from that location (for example, you want to live 5 miles from work)?  Well, now you can!

Here is how to do it:

  • Underneath the main search, choose “Radius”
  • A little bit of work is required on your end…enter in the exact address of the location you want to be your point of reference
  • Choose how far you want to be from that point
  • Optional: Save the search (for example, “Close to Work”) by clicking “Save this Search”. You can access the search by clicking on “Searches”
  • That is it!







This is a great tool for so a couple reasons.  If you are relocating to the Raleigh area, try using this tool by entering your new work address.  Or, if you want to live  in a walkable neighborhood, find a restaurant or store’s address and plug it in.