Research shows: Living Room is out, Mudroom is in

Sorry Living Room, it was a good run. But, the verdict is in. Practical living is the new trend…and the mudroom, well it offers storage solutions and a contained area for our mess. Read more about the “new” American home at wsj.

My latest home project…

I can check “build a work shed” off my bucket list. Special thanks to Rob Golder! He is an awesome contractor, but an even better person. He patiently walked me thru every step of the way…

In the end, I must say I have a new respect for the folks who frame homes for a living.

Raleigh, NC tops the country in highest loan approval rate

Remember Aesop’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper? Call Raleigh homebuyers the modern day ant. Raleigh homebuyers were the most prepared for the current market and are top-ranked for the highest loan approval rate. So who is the grasshopper?

Read the full article at wsj online.