My Listing Presentation is “Wack”

Long overdue, so I am told… I thought I would go ahead and provide a little something something on how to choose an agent…

The video says it best.  However, I also asked my clients why they chose me as their Realtor.  I found that most of the answers to be quite the compliment, and I wanted to expand on them here.

  1. My market knowledge,
  2. My commitment to finding the right house for them, and
  3. My dedication to keeping them informed throughout the process

Market Knowledge

When choosing an agent in Raleigh, NC, I feel that a Realtor should be an expert in every facet of the real estate business. Obviously, a Realtor should be able to provide up-to-date market information, valuate the price of a home, and forecast the market, but that is only a small portion of what’s necessary to make a good buying decision. A Realtor’s responsibilities extend far beyond. A Realtor should have a thorough understanding of construction, functionality and maintenance of a home, real estate and contract law, appraisals, resale issues, and financing. Past client Allen and Anna Thomas noted that I was “in touch with the market and able to give [them] honest estimates on what the properties were worth and any issues [they] might have with future re-sale.” Click to read all of their testimonial I am a student of Real Estate and I am constantly building on my experiences through further education. I have taken courses in law, construction, site development as well as numerous computer courses to take my skill set even further. In addition, I am very active in the Urban Land Institute, a real estate organization designed to provide leadership in the responsible use of creating thriving communities.

Commitment to the client

I loved it when I heard Lewis and Katie say “it is apparent that his interest lies in you making a sound investment that you are comfortable with and not what he stands to gain or lose”. I truly feel that way. I have helped most of my clients buy 2, 3 or even 4 homes and I know that they would have never done so if I didn’t put their needs first. 

If you have seen me walking through a house with a client, you may have noticed that I am looking for cracks in the walls, water stains, buckled floors, etc. I think it is important to have a different perspective than my clients. The buyer must decide what home fits their needs, but it is the agent who needs to see beyond the cosmetics of the home. I have developed an excellent network of home inspectors, structural inspectors, mold inspectors, and termite inspectors that are great resources and who always go the extra mile for my clients.

Communicate every step of the way

Often I hear buyers say that they hardly heard from their Realtor. Buying a home is daunting and when you add in the stress of emotions, finances, and deadlines, I have found that every customer wants to be kept in the loop; whether the news is good, bad, or indifferent. When I heard past clients Laura and Aron Murphy say “throughout the home buying process, he coached us through and kept us informed”, it reinforced my belief that all clients appreciate to know everything that is going on with the transaction. Click to read all of their testimonial