Raleigh, NC- Real Estate Update for April 2011

The April home sales report for Raleigh, NC and the rest of the Triangle was just released and we saw a 13% decline year over year in home sales.  You may think, how can economists say that the real estate market is improving when the market experienced a double digit drop in sales?  Quite simple, last April the $8,000 tax credit that the government provided to first time homebuyers was in it final days.  Therefore, we saw a spike in purchases amongst first time homebuyers trying to take advantage of the tax credit before it expired April 30th, 2010. 

To hear the April home sales update for 2011, watch the interview with Stacey Anfindeson, a real estate analyst for the Triangle MLS:

Raleigh, NC- Real Estate Update for March 2011

The biggest take away from the latest home sales update in March of 2011 is “stabilization”.  Home sales were down in Raleigh, NC for the first quarter of 2011 vs. 2010.  However, fewer homeowners have decided to put their homes on the market.  While the homes sales this year are down, so is the supply of new listings.  This consolidation stabilizes the Raleigh real estate market because “supply” and “demand” shrink in unison.

Watch this video provides a great explanation of the real estate market conditions in Raleigh, NC for March 2011:

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Raleigh, NC- Real Estate Update for January 2011

Like to know how Real estate professionals deteremine where home prices in Raleigh, NC are going?  This video from the top Residential Real Estate Analyst in our market is a great watch.  When Stacey speaks, I listen…